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Thanks to the generosity of our contributors, much progress has been made over the years to increase the gorilla population. Through endless efforts to keep Dian Fossey’s dream alive, the MGCF has many projects to help continue the population increase.

We are very happy to announce another increase in the Mountain Gorilla population in Rwanda and Eastern Congo and in Uganda. The estimated total today is 880 Mountain Gorillas in the world, up from 248 in 1985. The Mountain Gorilla is the only Great Ape posting a positive increase in their population in the world. This shows our working model is proving successful.


We thank everyone who contributed to this effort!

We all must think into the future for the gorillas to survive.

Donations to MGCF are currently being done though our annual fundraiser, The Denver Gorilla Run,

and all transaction are handled through our fundraising partner, Crowdrise

The Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund is a U.S. registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, with offices in Colorado, Uganda and Rwanda. Your tax-deductible donation, regardless of amount, continues to keep Dian Fossey’s dream alive by maintaining these projects. All donations go directly toward benefiting the gorillas and are not used to cover administrative costs.

One of the fun and exciting ways that you can contribute to the MGCF is by participating in one of our Gorilla Events.
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Gorilla Events are fun for the whole family oganized events that bring awarness to the plight of the mountain gorilla. Everyone who takes part wears a full gorilla costume - from fluffy head to furry toe - and helps raise funds for the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund.



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